Estamos en La Paz por la última vez…

With no other route to leave Coroico and reach Copacabana, we found ourselves in La Paz yet again… but given our love of La Paz we were happy with that! 🙂

This time we held back in the name of our budget, and resisted the temptation to jump aboard the Teleférico system and ride all of the cable car lines again… and instead took to some much needed planning before we ventured to deepest darkest Perú…

We didn’t spend every minute of the day planning… and on our strolls about town we came across a couple of hanging effigies. Effigies are pretty common in El Alto, but we’d never seen one in downtown La Paz before… Basically people hang human dummies from lamp-posts as a warning to thieves and other criminals – usually they tell you what will happen to you if you are caught commiting the crime at hand… They’re pretty scary if you ask me.

A hanging Effigy in downtown La Paz.
So basically, any thief caught will be lynched by roasting! They will be tortured as they burn and hung by the Union of La Perez…
A second effigy.

After having spent time off the Altiplano, we also indulged in some of our old favourites such as api and pastel… and new Bolivian delights as well – in fact CC found her favourite Bolivian dish of all time… a legitimate traditional Bolivian VEGETARIAN dish… yes Plato Paceño  🙂 🙂

CC is visibly excited by a vego option in La Paz that is ACTUALLY traditional food from La Paz… corn, cheese, beans and potatoes… YUM!
PB is less convinced before he tries it… BUT El Plato Paceño and the drinks win him over in the end 😉

What can I say but another successful visit to La Paz… here’s looking forward to coming back once ALL of the new cable car lines are open 😉

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