Vamos a Ecuador!

Yes, the blog isn’t even IN Peru yet, and we are already leaving…. the blog ‘time-warp’ has increased recently as we have been quite ‘busy’ in Peru – meaning that we have been doing a lot of tourist things with no time to write the blog.

Anyways, we will catch up eventually – and today – ACTUAL REAL TODAY – as I write this, we are going to Ecuador on a 1pm bus from Piura, Peru to Loja, Ecuador. A journey of a supposed 7 hours or so, with the border crossing in the middle. This crossing is meant to be a ‘simple’ one…. but we will see…!

We spent 77 nights in Peru, so around 2.5 months – and it was highly enjoyable (most of the time…… 🙂 )

So it’s goodbye Peru… Ecuador here we come…

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