Estamos en Piriápolis

Our next stop along the Uruguayan coast was Piriápolis… and we loved it 🙂

Piriápolis was also waiting for high season to arrive… leaving it nice and peaceful just the way we like our beach resorts!… A number of things were closed including… wait for it…


Apparently EVEN McDonalds can’t be bothered to please the local population of Piriápolis and stay open all year round!

McDonalds in the low season… if you fancy a big mac in winter forget it!!!! (It says ‘See you next summer)

It wasn’t all blue skies for us while we were in Piriápolis, but it just seemed to add to the atmosphere…

The rain’s coming…
The rain is definitely coming!!!

Our second day in Piriápolis was however lovely and sunny – so we took a local bus to Cerro Pan de Azúcar (Sugar Loaf Hill) as we wanted to conquer the 3rd highest point in Uruguay! Uruguay is pretty flat, so I guess if I’m honest, I will have to admit that it wasn’t a really strenuous climb, but nonetheless it was very enjoyable… They’ve also built a cross on the top of the hill that is awesome and is 35m high… only 3 metres shorter than Christ the Redeemer in Rio, AND you can climb up inside the cross – you can’t climb up inside Jesus CAN YOU?  – So how come it’s not as famous? It should be, as it was very cool 🙂 🙂

Our destination – the third highest point in Uruguay.
The trail might not have been strenuous,  but a bit of scrambling was required 😉
We made it to the top and the mighty cross was waiting for us! (There is a bit more graffitti on this cross than on Christ the redeemer….)
Inside the top of the cross – as you can see from the decoration, others had made it inside the cross before us…
Proof that you can really climb inside and I’m not making it all up!

There are other hills around Piriápolis, and if you’re there in summer you don’t even have to walk or drive up to the top of the closest one to town – called Cerro San Antonio, as there’s a chairlift… obviously if McDonalds doesn’t open in low season then the chairlift doesn’t either… we therefore walked up… it was worth it – the view over Piriápolis was great… and they also sold alfajor ice-creams…

Great views from Cerro San Antonio over Piriápolis
And alfajor ice-cream rewards for climbing up the hill!

Piriápolis gets a big thumbs up from us… Next stop the big smoke – MONTEVIDEO!!!

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