The times they are a changin…

Since we left Santiago, less than 4 months ago, we have had to change our watches SEVEN times! Ok, well you might be wondering who has a watch nowadays? Doesn’t everyone use their phone for the time?

Well yes, actually I don’t have a watch. CC didn’t have a watch either – but we don’t take our phones out (we don’t have local sim cards) and so CC decided to buy a watch before we left. It cost $3 AUD and I tell you –  it has been AMAZING value for money. When CC bought the watch, I questioned whether we really needed it.. ‘How will we know the time?’ she said. ‘There will always be a clock or someone with a watch, it will be fine’ – I said.. CC looked at me doubtfully and said that I should get one as well. ‘No, I don’t need to do that…’ I replied. CC declared that she ‘didn’t want me asking her the time every 5 minutes’ ….

Well, yes, I was an idiot, we need to know the time all the time, and I do ask every 5 minutes because I don’t have a watch. CC is very graceful and doesn’t say ‘I told you so’.

Anyway, back to the time changing business. We have travelled pretty much west to east and really ought to have only been in 2 time zones – but due to the time of year that we were travelling and individual country’s decisions about daylight savings time we ended up with 7 changes in 4 months instead of 2 changes.

From this point on we won’t need to change the watch again now until May next year, so the time changes are over. For the record here are the time changes (yes, not that interesting, but I like writing these things down 🙂 )

Chile to Argentina (forward 1 hour)
Argentina to Paraguay (back 1 hour)
Paraguay to Brazil (forward 1 hour)
Paraná province, Brazil to Mato Grosso do Sul province, Brazil (back 1 hour)
Mato Grosso do Sul province, Brazil to São Paulo province Brazil (forward 1 hour)
Paraty, Brazil – daylight savings time starts (forward 1 hour)
Brazil to Uruguay (back 1 hour)

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