Vamos a Paraguay

Yes – tomorrow we are going to the place that nobody wants to go – well OK it’s the only country in South America where we don’t know anyone who has been there. The word on the street is that ‘there is nothing much to see in Paraguay’.

Which may be true, but we are going to have a quick look anyway. We met a couple of Argentinians who have been there and they said that Ascunción was ‘nice’..

Well ‘nice’ sounds nice to me, so tonight is our last night in Argentina for a while (except we said that about Chile and then they cancelled our bus) and tomorrow we will make the journey across the Paraná river – which is by bus, we don’t have to swim – and as far as we can tell involves getting on and off buses a lot so you can go through customs and immigration for both countries.

We have been eyeing up Paraguay for a while now as it sits just across the river from quite a few places in Argentina, so here’s a sneak preview:

I can see Paraguay! This is the bridge we will hopefully be going over to get to Paraguay. It runs between Posadas and Encarnación

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