Estamos en Puerto Madryn

Only an hour away from Trelew, our next stop was Puerto Madryn

Too early to check in we headed out of town to find the perfect picnic spot for a spot of lunch… We ended up at Doradillo Beach, a protected area – we might have been too late in the season to see southern right whales from the beach, and it might have been extremely windy with sand going everywhere – but it worked for us!

Check out the view from our lunch spot 🙂 This is Doradillo Beach.
PB feeling at one with nature after a satisfying picnic lunch!

While in Puerto Madryn, we also drove to Punta Lomo – a sea lion colony with bonus rock shags nesting on the cliffs around the colony 🙂

Punta Lomo…
Personal space is not a thing for this colony of sealions 😉
Blurred pics of rock shags (the light was wrong and it was windy  – my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)

Just past the sea lion colony is Cerro Avanzado… a very scenic area 🙂

Cerro Avanzado
Close up view of Cerro Avanzado

We also passed a lighthouse and stopped to look at the view and some motorbikes in action?!?

PB checks out the view!
We’re not the only ones watching the motorbike rider….
They were doing some impressive stunts…

We didn’t actually spend much time in Puerto Madryn town itself… enough time to pop into the tourist information office (an essential stop wherever we end up!) and to go grocery shopping!?! And also to check out the Eco Centre

This is the Eco Centre – awesome beachside location on the edge of town, but very expensive and I’m not sure it lived up to the hype…

Next stop – the Peninsula Valdes for some wildlife watching…

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