Vamos a Chile!

Yes, it’s time for one of those posts that appears in actual real time, instead of what we did several weeks ago. As tradition now dictates, the blog gets an entry the day before we leave a country – in order to truly convey the excitement and anticipation 🙂

Yes, well tomorrow we are going to Chile – and we will be leaving Argentina after two and a bit months (not counting the bit before Brazil etc). Patagonian Argentina has been fantastic, we have had an amazing time – which is partly why we are so far behind on the blog entries – too busy enjoying ourselves 🙂

We are in Ushuaia and are heading to Punta Arenas on the bus tomorrow, and from there we will not be back in Argentina until around April sometime (yes, we can’t stay away – but it’s a very big place) when we will hopefully be in the North-east – the final part of Argentina we visit before we head north to Bolivia.

Chile here we come!

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