Estamos en Punta Arenas

We’ve made it to Chile!!!! Punta Arenas is our first stop in Chilean Patagonia….

Our first excitement of being back in Chile was the food… the evening we arrived our tastebuds were awakened with fresh chilli being served on a pizza (this would NEVER have happened in Argentina!)…. and then the next day we went in search of the Municipal market for lunch… It didn’t take us long to find it, as it’s nicely signposted for all the cruise ship arrivals!!!

We’ve arrived at the market and it’s lunch time – so perfect timing – go us!

Lucky for us it wasn’t a cruise ship day, and we were soon sat down with the first course of our ‘menu of the day’ in front of us… flavoursome fish soup, followed by hake and rice… YUM!!!

PB about to tuck into his first course of his ‘menu del día’… fish soup – yum!

There wasn’t a lot to do in Punta Arenas, but we managed to entertain ourselves… when we weren’t eating at the Municipal market, we were out and about strolling around the mean streets of Punta Arenas…

There was a mirador overlooking the town which was pretty cool…

Punta Arenas from the mirador in town.
A funky sign in Punta Arenas… Im not sure all the arrows are pointing in the right directions…. but it’s pleasing on the eye even if it might be a little factually incorrect!

There was also the municipal cemetery to have a look at…

PB with my favourite trees in the cemetery
PB admires some of the grandiose tombs.
Another shot of the trees….because I like them lots! 🙂

Here’s looking forward to the rest of what Chile has to offer 🙂 🙂

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