Estamos en Punta del Este

Punta del Este is home to the famous hand in the sand, and we were looking forward to visiting this famous international beach resort of Uruguay, which in summer is apparently heaving with international tourists and a fab party scene… once again, being old, I’m grateful for travelling in the low season!!!

We had 2 days in Punta del Este and we didn’t mind it… in fact it was pretty ok, but that’s just it, it didn’t go beyond the ok…

We spent a number of hours on the Rambla, walking along the seafront, listening to the waves and generally relaxing…

The rambla goes for about 2okms and is very nice… they even built a boardwalk for us along some of the way!

We detoured from the waterfront to check out one of the main squares and see the lighthouse and church…

Punta del Este’s lighthouse.
A cute blue church in Uruguay, the most athesist country in South America..

And of course – we visited the famous hand in the sand, which actually looked pretty cool – when you were at the right angle! It was definitely a popular spot… we had to wait quite a while to be able to deliver you a photo with no-one in it… I hope you’re grateful!

The Hand in the Sand… the reason for coming to Punta del Este…
Check out the beach in Punta del Este… sun, sea, sand, skyscrapers and a hand in the sand!

Our favourite experience in Punta del Este was, however, a visit to the Capri Bar… they did a mean IPA and also fish and chips… probably the best fish and chips of the trip so far… if only we’d discovered it on the first evening, then Punta del Este might have won us over completely!?!?! 😉

Nothing like treating yourself 🙂

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