Estamos en Tilcara

Our next stop was Tilcara – another town in the Quebrada de Humahuaca 🙂

Tilcara was bigger than Purmamarca, and it felt like we wandered down a labyrinth of uphill streets to reach our accommodation, which was located on top of a hill on the edge of town – convenient for going down into town… less convenient on the way home!!! 🙂

We’ve spotted a sign to our accommodation – That means we’re going the right way – YAY!!!
We’re on our way to town… the only way is down…

The town of Tilcara didn’t have a lot of sights – but there was a big ‘Welcome to Tilcara’ sign on the hill 🙂 and a nice church…

A sign on the hill welcomes visitors to Tilcara.
Tilcara’s church.

The main site in Tilcara is the Pucará de Tilcara (a pre-Inca fort) – it’s located on a hill just on the edge of town, and we strolled over to check it out.

The walk to the fort was a very scenic stroll, with cactus and rolling hills all around us 🙂

A cute street that we passed on the way to the fort.
We’re in the Quebrada! Check out the big hills 🙂

The pucará didn’t disappoint either 🙂 Not only was it located on an awesome hillside that was covered in cactuses, BUT there was a botanic garden at the entrance that was also full of cactuses… did I tell you that PB and I love cactuses?!? What’s more, as it was Monday it was free to get in… what a bonus… 🙂 🙂

I like freebies, as it makes our budget look better… when we spend more than we should (we have a daily limit!) we get a red number on our spreadsheet AND red numbers DON’T look good on the spreadsheet… often an entrance fee = a red number… NOT this time 🙂 🙂

Here are some of our pictures… it was very photogenic… (yes, this is the disclaimer for the number of pics that are about to follow!!!)

This is the awesome botanic garden where all the plants are cactuses!
Cactuses in the gardens.
Furry cactuses in the botanic gardens…
Our first view of cactuses and hills from the pucará
Check out the view 🙂
And the view in the other direction!
This part of the pucará had been restored a little.
Almost feeling that we’re back in Purmamarca…
PB enjoying the pucará…
I told you it was photogenic…
PB looking very short in amongst such fine specimens of cactuses.
CC insisted on having her picture taken with a cactus too!!!
The cactuses on the hill are at all stages of cactus life! This one – still standing tall – has lost all of its greeness…
An atmospheric shot!?!
Check out the pretty yellow flower 🙂

All in all, we loved the fort and the cactus-laden landscape that Tilcara had to offer 🙂 🙂 A big thumbs up for Tilcara from us! 🙂

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