Estamos en Valladolid

Our stay in Valladolid was primarily to use it as a base to go and visit the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza – but of course while we were there it was mandatory for us to engage in our favourite pastimes of eating and drinking and being tourists…

First stop was the main square – which like most main squares in Mexico had a very impressive church on it.

Iglesia de San Servacio – Valladolid.

Next stop – tourist photo on the main square! Yes, something strange had come over us in Mexico and we were overcome by an uncontrollable urge to take tourist pics…

PB and CC on the main square in Valladolid.
CC on the main square with some tasty(ish) snacks. These are called ‘marquesitas’.
This is where you buy your marquesitas.

Moving on in search of more tourist photo opportunities, we discovered some colourfully decorated streets, some cool buildings, and some skeletons…

Street in Vallodolid.
PB and CC make some new friends – they are not very talkative though.
Thatched roof house in Valladolid.

It wasn’t long before we came across the most important site in Valladolid – the site of the sacred letters… a must-see in every Mexican town!

PB at the sacred letters.
CC at the sacred letters.

The sacred letters exert a mysterious power, and unfortunately we lost control of ourselves after this…

We apologise for taking this photo and posting it online.
We also apologise for this photo.

After we came to our senses we did a bit more exploring and found a few more interesting buildings around town.

Old buildings in Valladolid.
A row of painted houses in Valladolid.
Lovely yellow church in Valladolid.
Mural in Valladolid. The mural is of a beer label. There are over 100 different beer labels with a different town or city on each one.

OK, so now on to even more important stuff than tourist photos… yes, FOOD! πŸ™‚

Valladolid had a good selection of eating places, and our first stop was a kind of ‘food court’ place that had lots of different windows to buy your lunch from, and one large seating area in the middle. After much wandering around and a very thorough decision making process πŸ™‚ – we opted for a set menu from ‘Loncheria El Amigo Casiano’.

It did NOT disappoint – we got breaded chicken, rice, chips, avocado, radish, pickled cabbage, frijoles, and tortillas.Β  It also included a large melon juice. It was served with so many tortillas, that we couldn’t eat them all – so we wrapped them in a napkin and took them away… (I think that’s allowed πŸ™‚ )

PB with the monster feast.
Loncheria El Amigo Casiano – they serve a good lunch!

And FINALLY – Valladolid had one last thing to offer – and this was our favourite of all! Yes, something even better than giant plastic letters and chicken lunches! What could that be? It was in fact a ‘cenote’.

For those of you who don’t know, a cenote is a giant sinkhole which is formed when the limestone above it collapses and exposes the groundwater underneath. The end result is like a giant stone pit/cave underground, which is full of water. The Yucatan peninsula is famous for them, and some of them are so large that they have been converted into swimming areas.

Valladolid has one right in the centre of town, which is called ‘Centote Zaci’ and is open to the public for a small fee. It has a restaurant attached to it and they have carved out stairs so that you can get down to the water. Cenotes are usually VERY deep, and this one also had some ropes strung across it – which I found very handy to hold on when I got tired of treading water.

It was WAY more beautiful than we imagined it would be, and half the time that we were there we had the whole place to ourselves. πŸ™‚ The only negative was that CC got nibbled by black catfish while she was in there. But surely that’s part of the fun! πŸ™‚ (CC says that it’s not…)

So, I’ll leave you with a selection of pics from the lovely Cenote Zaci…

This way to the cenote.
The stone stairway leads down into the ground.
Our first view of the cenote.
The sides of the cenote are covered in greenery.
Yes, even in the cenote we maintained our dedication to tourist photos…. PB in the cenote.
And of course now we have CC in the cenote!
View of the cenote from the other side.
The cenote has its own waterfall!

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