Food in Buenos Aires

And so we come to the food in Buenos Aires….. which although was mostly like the rest of Argentina, actually had some pretty good stuff thrown in. I think this was because of its size, and the civilising influence of nearby Uruguay πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

First of all, there was a chain of bakeries that sold ChipaΒ – and they were FANTASTIC – as good as most of the ones that we had in Paraguay. (Chipa is from Paraguay)

CC LOVES chipa – she can’t get enough of them. We had them most days in Buenos Aires.

Next, there were tarts and quiches available all over the place – and many of them weren’t filled with or covered in meat. CC could not believe it. You could even get pizzas with vegetables on….

Look – no meat…

There was also something called ‘faina‘ – which is made from chickpea flower. We even found a fast-food pizza place that served faina with its pizzas as a ‘meal deal’.

Faina on top of pizza (best eaten separately…)

We also took a trip out to the ‘chinatown’ of Buenos Aires, as we heard that you could buy spices there. In fact we bought some cayenne – but it turned out to be really mild, and not like proper cayenne at all – we felt robbed πŸ™

But it was not all bad, we found a Korean supermarket selling ‘fish’ ice-creams filled with red bean paste. It might not SOUND that good – but believe me, the Korean fish ice-creams are very special… they are based on ‘Bungeo-ppang‘ – which is a non ice-cream version. Apologies for the digression into a non-south-american cuisine…

CC is DELIGHTED because she has some fish ice-creams.

So, there you have it…. I will leave you with a pic of a special vegetable that we found – in this case it was in the Argentinian lake district, not Buenos Aires – but I just wanted to put the picture up – a purple capsicum (or pepper if you prefer….)

Proof that unusual vegetables DO exist in Argentina.

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