Mate in Chile

A while back we wrote a blog post about the Conclusion of the Mate journey

…..but of course we didn’t stop drinking Mate! 🙂 However having arrived in Chile, we were confronted with a different and more limited range of Mate available in the supermarkets….

So.. what else could we do except…. try some of the new brands out, complain to ourselves that they are ‘not as good as in Uruguay and Argentina’, and then finally settle on a brand that we consider ‘good enough’…. for Chile anyway…. 🙂

This one is called Compadrito – meaning something like ‘companion’ or ‘godfather’… it was OK… but didn’t really hit the spot for us. The mate comes from Argentina, but is processed in Chile…
We got this one because it has an armadillo on it – HOW CUTE 🙂 Unfortunately it was not available everywhere, as we quite liked it (made in Argentina, and imported to Chile).

In the end, we settled for Taragüi – which was pretty good and easy to find in most places in Chile….

Taragüi Mate – also made in Argentina – the map outline on the packet is the province of Corrientes wherre it is made.

So, now we had a brand of choice for Mate in Chile – that was our Mate supply sorted out until Bolivia 🙂

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