The Sea Lions of San Cristóbal

I mentioned in the Estamos en Cristóbal post a star attraction of the town… well, the title of this post gives it away – the star attraction is the Galapagos Sea Lion 🙂

The Galapagos Sea Lion is the smallest of the sea lion species, and it can be found throughout the Galapagos Islands (and also on an island called Isla de la Plata which is very close to mainland Ecuador). They are found in HUGE numbers on San Cristóbal… In some areas of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno it felt like sea lions outnumbered the local population!!!

Sea lions have been living on the Galapagos Islands for years… they were there way before humans started living there… and this is obvious from their behaviour – they show no fear of human beings… There is therefore a ‘2 metre’ rule in place… i.e. you must keep a distance of 2 metres from a sea lion at all times – this rule is there to keep both you and the sea lion safe!!

The sea lions in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno are primarily found on the beaches – but with free reign – they can often be spotted in more unusual places… We were lucky to be in the Galapagos for the breeding season, so got to see Galapagos sea lions of ALL sizes – from REALLY small pups to BIG dominant, scary-looking males…

Anyway… the moment you’ve been waiting for… DRUMROLL please…. I present to you our gallery of Galapagos sea lions in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno 🙂

The golden rule!
A sea lion chilling on the beach.
It’s not just humans that get sand stuck to them when they’re at the beach!
Mind the sea lion!
A perfect shady spot for a snooze.
Yawning sea lion.
Very cute baby sea lions 🙂
Another very cute pup on the beach.
It’s busy on the beach!
Sea lion taking time out on a bench!
Another sea lion beat us to the bench!
A male sea lion on the beach.
Any shady spot will do for a nap!
CC is joined by a sea lion at a beachside cafe.

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