Vamos a Argentina

We are going to Argentina! No it’s not because Chile is no good (although I think that there are some of you reading who might think that is the case [you know who you are…])

But due to complex logistical, scientific, and climatic reasons we must leave Chile and head northeast towards the dry season in the Pantanal region of Brazil – see route map for further details. But we will be back! CC will be upset if we don’t get any more Mote con Huesillos.

There is one small issue in that we have to cross the Andes to get to Argentina – we don’t have to trek over, we are too old for that – there is a bus and we have bought our bus tickets.

Unfortunately it turns out that the pass over the mountains – Paso Internacional Los Libertadores – which is at 3200m altitude – closes around 20 to 30 days a year in winter because the weather is too bad, and so we have our fingers crossed as the pass is currently closed and our bus tickets are for Wednesday 19th.

Even the most hardened individual must agree that the weather at the moment on the pass could be counted as ‘bad’… but Wednesday looks hopeful :-). If we make it over the pass then we will be in Mendoza – home of fine Argentine wine 🙂 🙂 🙂

The weather on the pass


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