It’s cold

Some of you may be thinking that we were smart to escape the Sydney winter, and yes we are smart, but not that smart, as we have escaped to the Santiago winter – which is in fact pretty much the same…

Sydney and Santiago are around the same latitude, but Santiago is around 500 metres above sea level, which makes it a bit colder – like the Blue Mountains. We are in Valparaiso at the moment, on the coast which is a bit warmer, but it turns out that we have hit an unusual cold spell, and it’s 4 degrees this morning.

This wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have the ‘curse of the broken heaters’ upon us. This curse means that everywhere we stay the heater breaks or doesn’t work properly. So far it’s happened in 3 out of 3 places, so it must actually be a real curse as that is control-tested scientific evidence for a 100% curse.

This picture clearly shows the evidence that it is very cold:

PB has a sad face because it’s very cold and the heater is broken.

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