Vamos a El Salvador! (y Honduras…)

Yep – time to leave Nicaragua after only 6 nights… not because we didn’t like it here – it’s been pretty good – but we are on a schedule now… yep, boring eh?

So tomorrow we will hopefully be going from León, Nicaragua to San Miguel, El Salvador. Unfortunately there is the small matter of the country of Honduras sitting inconveniently in the way. This means that we need to cross two borders in the same day! (Nicaragua/Honduras and Honduras/El Salvador). This hasn’t happened since Argentina/Chile on the way to Ushuaia, and that was all on the same bus…this time we have to take FOUR BUSES… and we will spend around two hours in Honduras. Some people would say that two hours in Honduras is two hours too long… 🙂 But we will probably revisit a different part of Honduras.

It seems then that the border crossings are getting more and more complicated.. after this one though, they should get less complicated again… fingers crossed.

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