Vamos a Honduras! (y Guatemala)

Yep, time to move on again – now we are FIVE countries behind on the blog! But the Central American countries are so small, maybe they can be counted as one…

Today we will go to Honduras after a really great 12 day stay in El Salvador. For the first time on the trip we will be taking a tourist shuttle bus… yes, the easy way – door to door in a single bus!

When I was young I considered that taking a tourist shuttle bus was ‘cheating’! 🙂 In fact travelling by any method that wasn’t the ABSOLUTE CHEAPEST way regardless of time/discomfort/safety was also ‘cheating’! 🙂 Nowadays I don’t mind ‘cheating’ at all 🙂

In this case the shuttle is not too expensive (still more than double the price of the alternative of five local buses though….!) and we are feeling a little bit lazy. This journey passes through Guatemala and therefore has two border crossings, but should only take around six hours if all goes well… we will see!

Honduras here we come…

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