We’re going into the Jungle…….

Yes, it’s true, we are going into the jungle – or more precisely, the Yungas, which are the warm, temperate slopes of the Andes. We are going to stay in a place called Aldea Luna, where we will do some work each morning in return for cheap accommodation and full board.

We are in Argentina, in the north-west corner, in the province of Jujuy.

This province is not much like the rest of Argentina – we went for lunch the other day and they put down SPICY dip with the bread! Can you imagine how excited we were! A SPICY thing in ARGENTINA of all places! 🙂

The place that we are doing our ‘volunteering’ (more technically I would call it ‘cheap food and board in return for work’, as it’s not volunteering in the traditional sense – although that’s what they call it) is in fact a VEGETARIAN place!

Yes, this is crazy because we are of course in Argentina – the land of the meat…. and also I’m not a vegetarian… does that make me crazy too? Maybe.. we will see… as long as they have ‘good’ vegetables like capsicums, chillies, onions and garlic, and not ‘bad’ vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli, then all will be well I think……

This place has a website, so you can read all about it…

Read about Aldea Luna

Anyway, you will hopefully be able to read all about how this actually went, and also about this ‘weird’ corner of Argentina in around a month – when ‘blog’ time catches up with real time.

Which brings me to the reason you are reading about this now….

Although it may look like we diligently make an exciting new blog post every two days, in fact we laze around and go sightseeing for long periods of time, and then we have a rest when it’s raining or we are tired, and we ‘binge’ blog – doing lots of posts all at once.

In order not to overwhelm the discerning reader, we schedule them into the future two days apart, so sometimes blog posts are appearing for weeks on end without us doing anything.

We have recently had a visit from CC’s mum, and so blogging activity was temporarily suspended, meaning that the blog posts are going to run out in the next week or so. AND, as the ‘jungle’ has no internet, we won’t be able to do anymore blog posts while we are in there… so to cut a long story short…. the blog posts are going to stop appearing, as we will be in the ‘jungle’ for 2 or 3 weeks with no internet.

Normal service on the blog will be resumed when we get out of the jungle…….

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