Wildlife of Chile and Argentina

Yes the bird lists are not enough – it’s time for the wildlife list! It’s been a long time coming and that’s because we haven’t seen any wildlife – BOO!

OK, well we have seen a few things, but this is going to be a very weedy list – which we hope to rectify soon when we go to Esteros del Iberá, which is know for it’s wildlife.

So the list so far:

1) South American Sea Lion
2) Grey fox
3) Red bellied squirrel (this is an invasive species, but it was cute 🙂 )
4) Hilaire’s side-necked turtle

The grey fox was the best and most exciting, but he was too quick to get a photo, so here’s a picture of turtles instead – they are quite slow and easy to take pictures of…

Hilaire’s side-necked turtle

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