CC’s Birthday

The time was rapidly approaching when CC would be having her birthday… originally we thought that it would happen in Uruguay, but we’re a bit slow, so it was going to be in Brazil. It turns out that CC really liked Brazil, so all good there!

My careful calculation ensured that we would be in Floripa – a nice seaside area of Brazil.

…. however it turned out that my careful calculation was in fact CRAP! And due to a minor distance misjudgement, CC would be spending her birthday on a bus from São Paulo to Curitba – OOPS…..

The day didn’t start well, as we woke up in a crappy hotel near the bus station, and when we went down for breakfast, they said WE WERE TOO EARLY?! 🙁

The lady on reception the previous night told us that breakfast starts at 6.30am, but the breakfast man said 7.30am. WHAT! We had a bus to catch… BOO – the reception lady is a loser, and CC gets no breakfast on her birthday… in Brazil the land of good breakfasts… this is so sad it’s beyond words, and CC is not very pleased…

We managed to leave São Paulo without getting mugged, so that was the first plus point of CC’s birthday.. and we caught the bus on time, which was a standard 6 hour journey along Brazilian highways to Curitiba.

So all-in-all up until 2.30pm, CC’s birthday was RUBBISH.

However, in Curitiba, things began to look up, as our hotel was next to a GOURMET MARKET! Yes, that’s us – gourmets – so it was time to eat and drink, and make CC’s birthday better again!

Curitiba – the place that made CC’s birthday great.

The first thing that we discovered was a fancy coffee place with a PROPER COFFEE MACHINE and a beautiful coffee smell eminating from within. We bought our first coffee of the whole trip so far! Don’t worry, of course we haven’t stopped drinking coffee – we have been getting it at breakfast, and drinking instant coffee in the hotels..  yes instant coffee… how times have changed….

It tasted SOOOO good.. it felt like the best coffee we had ever tasted! (that’s what happens when you drink instant coffee for three months! 🙂 ). It was so good, that we went back again the next morning to have another one before our next bus journey!

The greatest coffee in Brazil! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CC!

The next step was to plan for dinner, and as part of CC’s birthday treat we were going to buy cheese that wasn’t the cheapest in the shop! Yes, how exciting! So we hit the gourmet market and bought cheese, wine, olives, crackers and banana chips.

CC’s birthday dinner.

All that we needed now was a place to eat the gourmet dinner! Seeing as it went dark at 6pm, we figured that our hotel would be the best option:

It may not look much from the outside, but this hotel actually has a gourmet dining area inside.

The hotel even had a pre-dinner drinks area, known as the ‘sofas that they leave in the corridors’ area. Also known as the ‘place where the wi-fi actually works area’.

CC relaxes in the pre-dinner drinks area of the hotel.

After our pre-dinner wine, we made our way to the dedicated dining area, also known as ‘the area where they serve breakfast, but there is no door and the tables are still out, so of course we can sit there with a picnic – who needs lights anyway? Dimly lit is romantic right?’

The cheese feast turned out to be incredibly delicious, and Curitiba had quite a nice feel to it – so overall, it was judged that CC’s birthday had been a SUCCESS! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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