Estamos en Palenque

We didn’t spend much time in the town of Palenque – we stayed there as our base to visit the nearby Palenque ruins, which are located only 7km away. We visited the ruins in the morning, and then came back to Palenque for lunch and an afternoon stroll. Obviously it’s hungry work walking around ancient ruins, so we also made sure that we had some snacks with us that we purchased in Palenque before we departed for the ruins…

Check out the mini empanadas! They have little symbols and writing on them so that you know what is inside! 🙂

We quite liked the feel of Palenque – it’s quite a small place – more like a town – and it didn’t take very long to have a look around the central area.

Church in Palenque.
Lots of different kinds of chillis for sale in Palenque.

There was of course one must-see sight in Palenque… Yes, you guessed it! The sacred plastic letters…

CC in Palenque.
PB in Palenque.

There’s not much else to add about Palenque, so I’ll leave you with a view back down the main street…

Looking down the main street of Palenque.

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