Food in Mexico – Sauces

One of the greatest things about Food in Mexico is that you always get plenty of options for sauces and other condiments – with at LEAST one very spicy option 🙂

So, in tribute to this – I present here the gallery of sauces…..

Sauces from Bacalar.
Sauces and chips in Valladolid.
Sauces in Campeche.
Sauces in Palenque.
Sauces in San Cristobal with plenty of dipping chips!
More sauces in San Cristobal.
Yet more sauces in San Cristobal.
Yes, I have added a photo of empty sauce containers from Oaxaca. 🙂
More sauce in Oaxaca – this time we didn’t eat it all before the photo… 🙂
Sauce in Puebla.
More Puebla sauces…
Sauce in Mexico City.
‘Mis Chilitos’ – homemade chilli sauce made by the place where we stayed in Mexico City.

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