Hola Venezolanos!

We may not make it to Venezuela on this trip, so we are making up for it by eating Venezuelan food wherever we find it – which so far is in quite a lot of places.

It’s easy to find because wherever there is a Venezuelan there is usually a big Venezuelan flag and the word ‘Chevere’, and a big sign saying that Venezuelan food is delicious, so you had better come over here and get some, and also some Venezuelan people hanging around outside talking about the delicious Venezuelan food.

But it is very delicious, and so we are lured by the flag to eat… Below you can see a typical such eating establishment, and also a very very delicious ‘Domino’ – which is an Arepa with black beans and cheese..mmmmm

Que Chevere!
This is a ‘Domino’ – and it’s tastes great!

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