Iguazu Falls again!

You may remember that quite a while back we went to visit Iguazu Falls. Yes, well once was not enough, so we went back again!

If you are reading this regularly, then you may be a little confused as to how we went from Rio back to Iguazu Falls… but on the other hand, if you are REALLY paying attention, then you will realise that not only do we get behind on the posts, but that also they are sometimes a bit out of sequence, as CC and I have a strict regulatory regime about who posts what, and therefore mine often get a bit behind the sequential timeline.

ANYWAY, for the avoidance of any confusion, the route map is always available (and often a bit behind as well……)

Back to the falls… it is customary to visit both the Brazilian and Argentinian sides of the falls, as they offer different experiences. The Argentinian side has more trails and viewpoints, but the Brazilian side has the better overall view of the whole set of falls all at once.

The two sides are only around 30km apart by road – but there is of course an International border in the way, and a different currency and timezone… nonetheless, one common scenario is that people stay on the Argentinian side, visit the Argentinian falls on one day, and then take a day trip to the Brazil side to see the view. (the most common scenario is probably on a tour bus that does both sides in the same day… )

A less common scenario is to visit the Brazilian side 3 weeks after the Argentinian side – but I recommend this if you have the time, as it was like visiting an old friend again! 🙂 (it also requires that you have somewhere to go during the 3 week period – how about Paraguay? very conveniently located near to the falls….)

The view from the Brazil side is very spectacular, and as there is only one viewing trail, it only takes a few hours to take it all in, and we had a great time. So here are some pics of the falls from the Brazil side this time…

Lovely view of the falls.
Another lovely view of the falls.
Check out the falls – you just can’t get enough.
Up close and personal at the falls.

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