Kuchen in Frutillar

Kuchen? Yes, that’s German for cake… and also Spanish for cake… but only in Chile…actually only in this southern part of Chile that was settled by Germans. It’s kind of weird, but that’s what they call it. Google translate refuses to translate ‘kuchen’ from Spanish to English, but we all know that ‘kuchen’ REALLY is a Spanish word too… yep.. here is the evidence:

Aunt Lilian’s kuchen ‘factory’ – perhaps ‘bakery’ would be a better translation?

Why all this talk about kuchen? Well, surely you must know by now that if there is cake around then we are going to try and eat it…. 🙂 So, off we went on a day trip (more like an afternoon trip, it only takes 30 minutes to get there) to Frutillar, which is a bit further around the lake than Puerto Varas. Frutillar is FAMOUS for kuchen, and supposedly has the best kuchen in the area…..

We had a look around the town before we went about the serious business of the kuchen tasting.

Frutillar beach
Frutillar from the edge of town.
YES YES YES – you can still see the volcano from Frutillar! RESULT 🙂
Here it is again! 🙂 Sorry, my volcano obession is very compulsive, I couldn’t help putting up another picture that is very similar to the previous one….
Check out our cool arty picture that we took in a reflective surface like real pro photo artists – aren’t we cool? (AND LOOK – THE VOLCANO IS IN IT TOO! YEAH 🙂 )

OK… now let me tell you about the kuchen…

The first place that we went was called ‘Kuchenladen’ – this had a large selection of cakes, but we were the most intrigued by a cake that looked just like an Argentinian pizza! Yes, thick crust, covered in cheese, hardly any topping, just a few olives…. we nearly backed out of ordering it, just in case it REALLY WAS an Argentinian pizza slice – but we were assured that it was a CAKE, and that it was SWEET…. not like a pizza slice…

This is what it looked like:

The brown colour on the back at the top is the give-away that this is not a pizza slice from Argentina.

So, what kind of cake actually was it? It turns out that it was made with ricotta and grapes! Who knew?!

And let me also tell you, IT WAS DELICIOUS… a good start to the kuchen tasting 🙂

The next place that we went to was called ‘Tante Lilian’ (Aunt Lilian) and this had a fairly similar selection of cakes, and so we went for a different kind – a fruit crumble. This cake was not a pizza slice in disguise, and looked just like a piece of fruit crumble:

Fruit crumble – otherwise known as ‘Streusselkucken mora y arándano’.

This one was pretty damn good as well – the fruit was blackberry and blueberry – but we felt that it fell just short of the excellence of the previous cake – so we awarded it an honorable second place.

And that was that – with the kuchen tasting done, it was time to head back to Puerto Varas for dinner 🙂

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