Looking for Dolphins!

The time had come to head for Playa Union (which is part of RawsonΒ ), where we would go on a boat and look for dolphins… but not just any old normal dolphins – these dolphins are special – small, fast, black and white… they areΒ Commerson’s dolphins!

We were excited to look for these dolphins, as we had never even heard of them before now, and they looked beautiful in the pictures. We had booked a boat tour – so all we had to do was turn up, get on the boat, and they would find the dophins for us! (hopefully….)

This is the dolphin-spotting boat
CC is worried that we might not find any dolphins, but she is ready for dolphin action.

As we set off, the guide told us that these dolphins were VERY VERY FAST. THE FASTEST DOLPHINS IN THE WORLD!Β  He said that we would have lots of pictures of ‘just water’ – because the dolphins are so fast that they are gone before you can take a picture.

As we headed out to sea, it wasn’t long before the first dolphin was spotted! YES! In fact, we saw loads of dolphins – it was great. They were indeed very fast, and we did indeed get lots of pictures of just water. But we did manage to get some pictures that actually had dolphins in them! YES – WE ROCK πŸ™‚

It was fun to just watch them, they were like black and white bullets through the water. Mostly they didn’t jump far out of the water, but there was one jump where the whole dolphin came out of the water, and everyone in the boat went ‘WOWWWWWWWWW…..’ (no, of course we didn’t get a picture of the jumping dolphin…. :-))

Here are the dolphins….

Three dolphins by the boat.
Speeding bullet dolphins.
Not so good picture of the dolphin…

We got back to shore thoroughly satisfied with our dolphin viewing, and a new found love of small, speedy, black and white dolphins! πŸ™‚

The best view of the dolphins that we got! πŸ˜‰ For those of you with not so good eyesight – these ones are statues πŸ™‚

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