So… what is a Pancho you might be asking? Google doesn’t help, it thinks you mean Poncho… but what if you ask Google for ‘Pancho ‘? Not much… Wiki doesn’t really know either:

So, let me tell you that a Pancho is pretty much a hot dog in Argentina.-  BUT NOT JUST ANY OLD HOT DOG – NO – These hot dogs are awesome..

They are everywhere on every street corner – in shops, as street food, in kiosks, even five star hotels have a Pancho stand in the reception area (OK, maybe not there, but there SHOULD be…)

So, let me give you the run down on Panchos… basically they are a frankfurter in a bun, BUT…

You can have ketchup, mayonnaise, golf sauce, mustard, and chilli sauce (aji), or any combination of them. I recommend all of them except golf sauce – yes – what the hell is golf sauce?! Apparently it’s a thing.. I don’t play golf, don’t give me no golf sauce – it sounds made up anyway.

Pancho con Poncho
This is a Pancho with a Poncho – YES – how cool is that? – the Pancho gets wrapped in a cape of Ham and Cheese, like a super-hero hot dog. My view is that this taints the pureness of the frankfurter meat texture, so its a no-go (and it’s more expensive)

Pancho con lluvia de papas
Now this is the greatest thing ever – you can get crisps (UK), potato chips (AU), sprinkled across the hot dog – as someone who thinks that crisps are a great addition to any sandwich, I found this VERY EXCITING.

Super Pancho
This is a 12 inch (30cm) bun with THREE sausages! :-0

This is a small Pancho (yes, why would you want that?)

BUT  – the most amazing thing about Panchos is…. drum roll…

CC has started eating them?! Yes, those of you who know CC will remember that she doesn’t like the texture/taste of any meat – only fish. But in her quest to slowly join the world of meat-eaters she tried a Panchito – and her comment: was

It doesn’t really taste of meat much, and the Aji (Chilli Sauce) and crisps mean you can’t really taste it..

What higher accolade can be achieved by a meat-based snack than that! CC has now eaten Panchos on THREE occasions – I kid you not, yes it’s the truth… who would ever believe it?

She was even willing to stand outside the site of her first Panchito experience for a commemorative photo:

CC at Ground Zero Pancho experience (Panchito)

Now, probably you want to see what these things look like, but I didn’t take a picture, so courtesy of Google Images, feast your eyes on these….

This link will take you to pictures of glorious Panchos

2 thoughts on “Panchos!

  • August 7, 2017 at 7:18 pm

    Seth says “hot dogs are ‘hot'”. Seth is a BIG fan of hot dogs and liked this post a lot.

  • August 8, 2017 at 11:10 pm

    Yes, but the real question is – could Seth eat a Super Pancho in one go? And would he have the ‘rain of crisps’?


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