What is ‘Pebre‘ I hear you ask? Well, one of the good things about eating out in Chile is that they nearly always provide bread and a sauce to dip the bread in, and also add to your food if required.

This sauce is called ‘pebre’, and it’s usually spicy – but not always. Personally I think it should be illegal to serve non-spicy ‘pebre’, but I don’t make the laws in Chile.

The quality of the pebre also varies wildly – ranging from cheap sauce straight out of an industrial sized bottle, to finely crafted home-made salsa with actual vegetables in it.

I’m sure that you would love to look at a bunch of pictures of sauce? 🙂 Yes? Here it is – the gallery of pebre…

This one was a bit too ‘tomatoey’
This one was SPICY… mmmm
This one had a fresh taste.
This one looks like a bowl of soup 🙂 But that’s just a trick of the camera – it was the same size as the other ones and had a good bit of spice.

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