Santiago to Buenos Aires

So the first leg of the trip has been completed! The first leg – which was declared as the first leg just now – other legs have not been officially allocated yet… was Santiago to Buenos Aires.

Santiago to Buenos Aires can be done in a single bus journey of 21 hours and is a distance of 1456km. Needless to say, that’s not quite the way that we did the journey as we needed to make a few detours along the way to look at stuff…

The route that we took can be seen on the Route Map page

So, as a fan of statistics I have put some stats together about this stage of the journey. And as I know you are a big fan of stats too, here they are… 🙂

Countries visited: 5 (Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay)
Distance travelled: 11,440km
Days taken (including Buenos Aires): 141 days (07 July 17 – 25 Nov 17)
Country breakdown:
Chile – 13 days
Argentina – 53 days
Paraguay – 14 days
Brazil – 41 days
Uruguay – 20 days

Number of different bus companies used: 28
Number of boats used: 2

Number of overnight stops: 41
Different Hotels/hostels/airbandbs/cabañas stayed in: 44

Number of clock changes: 7

Different bird species seen: 197
Different animal species seen: 27

So, we left Buenos Aires on 25/11/17 and the next leg is going to be the same in reverse – Buenos Aires to Santiago – but via the south and Patagonia instead of the north and Brazil. Next set of stats due in March….. or probably July as it seems to take me a while to get round to creating these stats!!!

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