The Chilean Food Challenge!

Now of course you are dying to know about the Chilean Food Challenge….:-)

It was CC’s idea, and basically it means that CC’s mum has to taste everything we could think of that could be classed as ‘Chilean Food’. There are a few ‘crossovers’ – eg. foods that are not just Chilean, but are also in other parts of South America – but Chile also has some special foods all of its own… 🙂

So, we made a list of foods – with spaces for a comment about each food, and a column for CC’s mum to mark whether or not she would eat the food again. You see – doesn’t that sound fun! 🙂

Below is the offical food-tasting list…. probably you have no idea what some of them are… but then neither did CC’s mum! 🙂 🙂 As we haven’t yet written a post about Chilean Food, you will just have to imagine what they are… (or look at a picture of CC’s mum trying it) (or look it up on the internet) (or any other method that you care to imagine…)

View the PDF of CC’s mum’s food tasting list

We made sure that CC’s mum filled out the sheet appropriately, and also we mandated that we take a picture every time she tried a new food 🙂 Yes, I think that the ‘mandatory picture’ part was not CC’s mum’s favourite part…. BUT RULES ARE RULES! 🙂

We wanted to make sure that we got through the entire food list (yes, completeness is very important!), so we wasted no time in Santiago getting the easy ones out of the way…

Check out this selection of pics of CC’s mum enjoying herself immensely as the Chilean Food Challenge gets underway….

CC’s mum tries Hallulla – a kind of Chilean bread.
CC’s mum enjoys a delicious Mote con Huesillos with CC!
CC’s mum gets Porotos Granados from a tin!
CC’s mum gets a delicious Semola dessert…
CC’s mum tries ‘pebre’ for the first time, and CC loves ‘pebre’ so she is also smiling….
CC’s mum gets a taste of ‘Caldillo de Congrio’ (eel soup) in Santiago market.
CC’s mum is excited by the size of the alfajor!

Yes, we were off to a roaring start! The Chilean Food Challenge was underway….

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