Torrent Ducks

Have you ever heard of a torrent duck? Well I hadn’t either until we came to Patagonia, and we saw pictures of them in the National Park offices. They were described as ducks that like to live in ‘fast flowing mountain rivers’. They looked beautiful in the pictures, and we had been looking in every fast-flowing river that we had been past since we arrived in Patagonia.

Well, let me tell you – now that we have seen them, I am going to absolutely declare that these ducks are THE BEST DUCKS IN THE WORLD. Yep, there is no doubt – if anyone wants to try and name a better duck they are doomed to failure.

This is because not only do they look stunning, with male and female ducks also looking completely different, but they also swim and jump upstream against amazingly fast flowing rivers. Rivers that you would be scared to raft down, these ducks are fighting against the current, jumping up rocks and making their way upstream.

We came across two ducks going up a river on one of our walks in El Chaltén, and it was AMAZING to watch them. Did I mention how much I liked these ducks? OK, I know you’re desperate to seem them – here’s some pictures of the ducks in action!

Female torrent duck ready for some river action.
The duck prepares to jump.
Duck is in the water.
Back out on the next rock, ready for more action…
Male torrent duck prepares to enter the rapids…
The ducks leaping into the river. They always travel as a couple.
Male torrent duck surveys the next rapids.
Duck swimming upstream, looking for the next rock.
Duck ready to jump!
Duck chills on a small rock, taking a well deserved rest.

So, if anyone knows of a cooler duck than this – speak now or forever hold your peace…..

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