Vamos a Argentina… (una vez más)

Yes, we’re going to Argentina AGAIN! This is the part of the blog that is confusing like one of those films where they don’t show the scenes in order. So although it may appear that we are in the Chilean lakes – we are not! Right now we are in San Pedro de Atacama and tomorrow we are going to Argentina.

We will be back in Chile, and even back in San Pedro – we are leaving at this point in time as we are only allowed to be in Chile for five more days before our tourist card expires (you get 90 days on arrival).

Our journey will take us over the Jama Pass, which is at an altitude of 4200m, and the road goes to an altitude of 4800m… yes THAT’S VERY HIGH. That will definitely be the highest altitude on the trip so far…….

We have read that they have wheelchairs and oxygen masks at the border post for people who faint and get ill due to the high altitude?! That sounds a bit scary… so fingers crossed that we don’t faint…..

Of course you won’t read about this crossing for another month or so, as that is how far behind we are with the blog… watch this space….

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