Vamos a Chile! (una vez más….)

Yes, we are out of the jungle and going to Chile! Confused?

That’s because, this is a ‘live’ update from the parallel world of real time events. Tomorrow we are going to back to San Pedro de Atacama in Chile.

We do like to zig-zag around, so this was all part of the (convoluted) plan 🙂

Today is in fact our LAST day in Argentina on this trip…  it’s strange to be saying goodbye to Argentina after all this time, knowing that we won’t be crossing back here again on the rest of the route….

We have been in Argentina three seperate times, and spent a total of 135 days here (so around 4.5 months). It’s been great! 🙂

But now it’s onwards and northwards…. (unless you are reading the blog, in which case we are still in Chile and haven’t even been to this part of Argentina yet… ! 😉 )

As we are out of the jungle now, normal blog service will be resumed shortly…..

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