Vamos a Perú!

Yes it’s that time again… the time to do a border crossing! Tomorrow we are leaving Bolivia and heading to Peru….

Of course we only just got to Bolivia according to this blog – but you must be used to ‘blog time’ by now 🙂 So this is a ‘live’ update and actually at this moment we are in Copacabana, Bolivia and we will be taking the bus to Puno, Peru.

This border crossing doesn’t have a particularly good reputation, but I think it depends on how you cross it (minibus vs. posh bus) and also I think it’s worse from Peru to Bolivia than Bolivia to Peru, the direction we are going. So we hope to cross without the bus leaving us behind, or being asked for any money to be let through…. we will see…

Bolivia has been AWESOME! 🙂 We are sad to leave after almost 3 months (82 days) in Bolivia – but Peru beckons….


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