Yes, I used EVERYTHING in my backpack…

Now, it would be a pity if I got to the end of the two year trip and I had carried things in my backpack that I had NEVER used… Yes, that would indicate poor planning and we can’t have that. I checked the contents of my backpack on the last day of the trip and YES – I HAD USED ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! How great am I?

Luckily for me, just the day before I had fancied a quick nap on the floor of our room in my sleep-sheet. My hands were a bit cold, and what could be better to warm them with than a pair of leech socks! So – just by coincidence – the very last two things that I hadn’t used on the trip, I used in the final week…. 🙂

Good result all round! 🙂

PB takes a nap in Mexico City.

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