Buenos Aires to Santiago

YES – we have reached Santiago once more, completing what has been named the ‘second leg of the trip’. The first leg was from Santiago to Buenos Aires.

So yes, after all this time we are back exactly where we started! So it’s stats time! 🙂

As you will remember from the last post (yeah right…..) the distance between the two cities by the quickest road route is 1,456km, and takes around 21 hours by bus. For this leg we covered 9,938km and took 121 days (this compares to 11,440km and 141 days when we went from Santiago to Buenos Aires – so our reverse journey was slightly shorter….)

The route that we took can be seen on the Route Map page

So, the stats for this part of the journey (Buenos Aires to Santiago) are:

Countries visited: 2 (Argentina, Chile)
Distance travelled: 9,938km
Days taken (including first night in Santiago): 121 days (25 Nov 17 – 25 Mar 18)
Country breakdown:
Argentina – 63 days
Chile – 58 days
Number of overnight stops: 27
Different accommodations stayed in: 29 (including sleeping on the ferry)

So on this leg of the journey we moved at a slower pace, with an average of 4.48 nights in each overnight stop, whereas when we went from Santiago to Buenos Aires, the average was 3.44 nights in each overnight stop. So yes, you could say that we are getting slower…..! 🙂

Of course, now we must present the stats for the whole trip so far (Santiago to Santiago)

Countries visited: 5 (Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay)
Distance travelled: 21,378km
Days taken (inc. first night back in Santiago): 262 days (07 July 17 – 25 Mar 18)
Country breakdown:
Chile – 71 days
Argentina – 116 days
Paraguay – 14 days
Brazil – 41 days
Uruguay – 20 days

Number of different bus companies used: 46
Number of boats used: 15 (includes ferries and day trips)

Number of overnight stops: 68
Different accommodations stayed in: 73
Average stay per overnight stop: 3.85 days

Number of clock changes: 7 (no clock changes at all on this latest leg…)

Different bird species seen: 256
Different animal species seen: 38

So, time for the third leg!.. Probably this leg we will declare as Santiago to Lima – a distance of around 3,300km and a bus journey of 50 hours with AndesMar… yes, we WON’T be doing it that way… 🙂

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