Something old, something new….

Well ‘it’s been a while’ as they say – meaning that things are starting to wear out and get used up after 9 months…. but because CC’s mum is coming to visit, we get some new supplies brought in! πŸ™‚

Yes… socks, savlon, fisherman’s friends, freezer bags… yes that’s quite a weird list?! πŸ™‚ – aΒ combination of things that you can’t get here easily, and things that CC’s mum wanted to get us that was easy to bring!

But firstly, the good news is that there are now fewer items that I am carrying that I have not used yet…

Unused items that I am still carrying after 9 months!

Yep, only leech socks, playing cards, swimming trunks, sheet sleeping sack, thermal underwear, and gloves! The playing cards are going to go back to the UK with CC’s mum….

As well as CC’s mum bringing a few bits and pieces, we are also going to send some things with her to the UK for safekeeping…. mostly souvenirs, but also our Mate stuff because we are going to buy a new Mate container! πŸ™‚

And of course, our lovely collection of fridge magnets…. we are pretty much limited to buying fridge magnets as souvenirs due to space limitations!

Our very cool collection of fridge magnets!

So, what has been wearing out? CC’s jeans have got a big hole in them, so she went shopping in Talca and found a new pair! These were a great bargain because they were from the second hand shop!

CC has got new jeans.

My trainers have also been worn to the ground through excess walking – and so I got a new pair of trainers (also in Talca). These were a really good deal, because they were in a sale πŸ™‚

My old trainers are worn out, and I left them in the rubbish bin in Talca.
I’ve got cool new trainers πŸ™‚
My trainers are apparently a named brand, but I have never heard of them…

Also, my baseball cap was getting a bit knackered, and so needed to be replaced…. but if the truth be told, I accidentally left it on a bus… πŸ™

Oh well, life goes on with a new hat….

PB has a new hat.

And finally…. one of my three pairs of trousers is no longer fit for purpose… BOO πŸ™

I suppose I did wear them 95% of the time, so not surprising really…..I hate buying trousers, so I’m just going to suffer along with two pairs of trousers for the time being…..

My trousers ended their life in a bin in Talca πŸ™

So, it was all change in Santiago – out with the old and in with the new….and ready for the next part of the journey…

Look at us! We are ready to go!

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