Mate in Peru

Having successfully found yerba mate in each country so far, we were ready to try and locate some in Peru – it was a little more difficult to find – as the further north we go, the less mate there is…. BUT we managed to find the Taragui brand again – Taragui seem to have managed to get their mate sold everywhere!

Although Taragui is nice enough – we are of course always on the lookout for different brands! 🙂 And in the case of Peru, there does seem to be another brand that it is not too hard to find – Rosamonte. Rosamonte is great! 🙂 It is of course yet another Mate from Argentina – from the province of Misiones. The people who started the Rosamonte farm were migrants from Ukraine in the 1920s – yes well I think that’s interesting even if you don’t… 😉

So, the ‘official’ Mate of PB and CC for Peru is ROSAMONTE!

Rosamonte Mate – imported from Argentina into Peru just so that we can drink it.

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