Wildlife of Esteros del Iberá

You may remember the awesome capybaras of Esteros del Iberá?

Well, there’s more! Yes, our pathetic wildlife list finally got some wildlife on it, as Esteros del Iberá was a great place for wildlife spotting. Between walking a few trails and going on boat tours you can spot quite a few things:

Caimans – there’s a lot of these and there are 2 different species – bonus prize if you can tell the difference, the clue is in the name 🙂

Yacare Caiman
Broad-snouted Caiman
Look! Baby caimans are cute – just because they are reptiles, doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings.

Yellow Anacondas

These are a bit harder to find – the guides in the boat know where they sleep though. They aren’t as big as the famous Giant Anacondas of the Amazon, and are hard to see properly as they sleep curled up – but they are still pretty cool:

Look! I can see a snake.

Marsh Deer

A deer that lives in the water – how cool is that? OK, so it doesn’t actually live in the water like a whale, but it likes water, and hangs out in the reedbeds – close enough right? These are fairly common:

Marsh Deer in the water.

Howler Monkeys

These monkeys live in the forest near the visitor centre, and are hard to get pictures of because it’s dark in the forest – how inconvenient…

Brown howler monkey in the forest.

Pampas Cavy

These are in the village, hiding under the hedges – they are in fact Guinea Pigs! Yes, before there were pet Guinea Pigs, there were wild members of the Guinea Pig family, and this is one of them. Some people in South America eat these, but not around here…

Pampas Cavy hoping not to get eaten.

And finally… we were lucky and really super excited as we saw an Armadillo! Yes – Armadillos are super-cool and one of them was running around in front of us for about 15 minutes – who could not love an Armadillo?!

Nine-banded Armardillo.
Nine-banded Armadillo – count the bands to check, and report any errors.

We also saw an Ocellated Pampas Snake, but have no picture – you will just have to inagine what it looks like (or use the internet – whichever is easiest)

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